Staff Directory


Don Holden

Mr. Holden’s years in the workforce have spanned a number of careers from teaching and coaching to
government bond brokering and currently to development.  A number of those years were spent building a
business based on personal relationships as a Wall Street broker, ultimately rising to a managing director’s role
at Cantor Fitzgerald. As a businessman, he actively took a leading role as a board member and special events
coordinator for a number of nonprofit organizations.
Leaving Cantor in 1997, prior to the events of September 11th, has Mr. Holden to concentrate his efforts in the
mission based nonprofit world. He has been instrumental in building business partnerships for Futures in
Education Foundation in the Diocese of Brooklyn; developing a fundraising council and tripling the money
donated to the Annual Fund as a development professional at Msgr. McClancy Memorial High School in
Queens; directing a $12.5 million capital campaign to build a home for the aged poor on behalf of the Little
Sisters of the Poor in the Bronx; and most recently to leading a highly successful development team at Family
& Children’s Association raising over $12 million over a span of seven years. 
Mr. Holden received his nonprofit management training from Hofstra University. Committed to the concept of
maximizing potential, Don’s dedicates himself to tirelessly working on behalf of those in need. He and his
wife, Diana, live in Port Washington, NY.

Gina Spohr

Ms. Spohr joined the De la Salle Family in 2022 as the new full-time Graduate Support Director. She spent
the last four years in the same capacity at the NativityMiguel School in Scranton, Pennsylvania. A Long Island
native, Ms. Spohr received both her BS and MS degrees in Counseling from the University of Scranton. We
look forward to her bringing her talent and expertise gained at the NativityMiguel School to The De La Salle
School. Her academic credentials will serve our De La Salle gentlemen well.


Alissa Burns

Christina Buttigieg

Jennifer Costa

Frank Donodeo

Lynne Rakeman

Pam Rakeman

Jorge Vilca

Nicolette Zahralban


Veronica Orrego

Mrs. Orrego begins her second full year this September at The De La Salle School. Her bright, upbeat
personality is exactly what any organization needs as the first person a visitor meets upon arrival.  We are
blessed to have Mrs. Orrego's organizational talents which she developed in the business world and her
ability to communicate with our Spanish speaking parents.

June Jonza-Sormilic

Mrs. Jonza-Sormilic will be starting her third year as The De La Salle School’s social worker. She earned a
bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Molloy College and a clinical master’s degree in Social Work from
Fordham University.  Her caring, compassionate love for the students and alumni of The De La Salle School
and her training in social work make Mrs. Jonza-Sormilic’s presence as a staff member during the school day
and in the Extended Program vital to our De La Salle Gentlemen.