21st Annual Spring Gala Invitation

 Spring Gala Invitation 

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The Fishlinger Family

The Fishlinger Family has supported the De La Salle School since being introduced to the school by Brother Thomas Casey more than 10 years ago. Joan has been a De La Salle Trustee for the past nine years, devoting her time and energy to ensure that the school has the financial and educational resources it needs to provide its students with a Catholic education on the highest level.

The mission of The De La Salle School aligns perfectly with the Fishlinger family’s commitment to support deserving young students, and to ensure that they have the financial ability to pursue their education. One thing that is particularly attractive to the Fishlinger’s is that The De La Salle School not only educates students from grades 5 through 8 but also prepares their students for high school and beyond with nearly 100% of it’s students achieving entrance into Catholic high schools. The Graduate Support Program at The De La Salle School supports their students both financially and emotionally through their high school years. To quote Joan “a volatile time for young people is in grades 9 through 12 and the most impressive aspect of the school is that they stay in the De La Salle family long after they graduate”.

The family believes the two most important factors in leveling the playing field for all young people is access to quality healthcare and quality education. Since its formation, 10 years ago, the Fishlinger Family Foundation has played a role in providing access to both quality healthcare and quality education by financially supporting medical research focused on diseases that affect young people and the student’s pursuit of a quality education. In addition to financial support, family members sit on boards of charitable organizations and educational institutions.

Bill is the CEO and Chairman of Gramercy Risk Holdings and the Managing Partner at the law firm of Congdon, Flaherty, O’Callaghan, Fishlinger & Pavlides. Joan is retired but held the position as Vice President of Information Technology at The Wright Insurance Group. Matthew is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Gramercy Risk Holdings. He is married to Meaghan and they have a two-year old daughter, Peyton. Alexandra founded and manages an interior design company, Inspired By . . . Design, and is married to Brian Calame. They have four daughters, Addison 7, Eleanor 5, Scarlett 4 and Amelia 1.


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